20140418_201308It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for BYOI’s family friendly show! Tonight we had Daniel, Josh, Amy, Candice, David and Ian and our Featured Audience Member was Ethan! Ethan is a 4th-grader who loves gym but hates math and lives with his parents, cats and annoying brothers. Our first game of the night was A Day in the Life of Ethan where the cat ate his homework but he was still a double pancake stack of awesomeness! This was followed by What Are You Doing? which featured such activities as ironing pants while still wearing them, dentistry on alligators and tap-dancing seals on the moon.

Movie Critics came next and featured the world-renowned documentary on toilet eating where we met the #1 toilet eating champion in all of Virginia. Up next was Busta Rap where we learned about the new fast food craze of “rat for your cat”. This was followed by Ventriloquism which featured the loveliest snack bar in the airport.

In Party Quirks, we saw such varied people as someone who was stuck in The Lord of the Rings, someone who was afraid of lawnmowers, and someone who hated the band “One Direction” so much that they formed their own band known as “The Other Direction”. Helping Hands came next where we saw our fearless video game testers crushing soda and eating cheese. Our last game of the night was Curtain Call where we found out that Josh really likes egg-flavored candy.

…and scene!