20140418_221442Get ready for BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art at 9:00! Tonight featured Daniel, Josh, Amy, Candice, David and Ian. Our Featured Audience Member¬†was Tommy who likes basketball, Game of Thrones (although he does love to hate Joffrey – but who doesn’t?), the North Pole and the Sopranos.

First up, we played Growing & Shrinking Machine which featured a semi-organized mob and an Elvish impersonator (yes, you read that right).  Follow that Action came next which featured severe abdominal papercuts and a really low field hockey budget. This was followed by The Good, the Bad & the Ugly where much amusing advice was given!

Next up we played the Dating Game where the contestants were a moose hoarder, a fantasy writer and every character from the Wizard of Oz! This was followed by Ventriloquism where we saw that king Joffrey makes too much dirty laundry and that he likes to store his slain enemies on the shelf.

This was followed by Spelling Bee which featured such innovative topics as a kangaroo with seven pouches and that baddabing = fuggedaboutit (who knew?) Sing It! came next where we met the North Pole basketball league (see how the FAM’s interests get worked into the show?). Our last game of the night was Debate Club which focused almost entirely on the topic of the theater.

…and scene!