20150306_221031It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means time for BYOI! Our cast tonight was Josh, Candice, Daniel, Cyn, and Amy and our Featured Audience Member was Lara. She’s a psychologist who likes Grand Turk island, her L.L.Bean Scrabble board, and would be a combination of a horse and a dog if she could. Our first game of the night was Growing & Shrinking where we saw a Scrabble injury, and Daniel not wanting to be the rear end of the “dorse” all the time. Next up was Remake where we re-told the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” in progressively shorter intervals until we got all the way down to only three seconds! Sing It was next which was all about an Owl Sanctuary.

This was followed by Good Cop, Bad Cop, where our accused had read a book about spitballs on Grand Turk island with Roger Williams. Up next was Guidance Counselor where our counselor had to deal with such problems as a too-short skirt, no hairnet, and no litter box. Then we played Debate Club which was supposed to be all about why Greyhounds are the best. Helping Hands was next which featured a scene that took place in a sky diving school. Our last game of the night was Irish Ditty.

…and scene!