20150619_184706It’s 6:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for BYOI’s Youth Collective show! Tonight our cast was Ally, Rose, and Rachel and our Featured Audience Member was Linda. She used to work in a restaurant, likes ferrets, and wants to go on a photo safari in Kenya. Our first game of the night was Day In The Life, which started with a flat tire on a road trip in Iceland and ended with a restaurant that serves gerbils. This was followed by What Are You Doing?, where we saw such actions as doing taxes, washing dogs, and fighting ninja turtles. Up next was Good Cop, Bad Cop, where our perp committed the heinous crime of eating a banana in Buckingham Palace with Colonel Saunders. Then we played World’s Worst, where we saw the worst examples of beekeepers, ice cream, and airports. Remake was next, where we saw Beauty & the Beast as a children’s musical, a documentary, action sci-fi, and suspense mystery. Our last game of the night was Sing It, Which featured a scene about ferrets and other rodents.

…and scene!