20150717_202015It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means time for BYOI’s family-friendly show! Tonight our cast was Daniel, Amy, Alex, Alan, David, and Emily (who is auditioning! Good luck Emily!) and our Featured Audience Member was Christopher. He’s a communications consultant from Australia who likes swimming and running, as well as kangaroos and raccoons. Our first game of the night was Reunion, where we learned that Narragansett Bay is not like the Great Barrier Reef. Next up was Action Figures, which was a scene about swimming lessons where we learned that crocodiles love seals. Then we played Highlander, which was a scene aboard a space station with not enough air and too much frozen pizza.

This was followed by Excuses, Excuses, where Alan was late to work because he was on a walkabout, went to a child’s birthday party, and a koala ate his alarm clock. Revolver was next, which featured scenes about Washington D.C., raccoons, a communications consultant, and Rhode Island. Then we played Back In My Day, where we didn’t have such things as bikes, Italy, Barbie, and iPhones. Next up was Freeze Tag, which started off being about running, went through the worst selfie ever, and ended up being about disco night at the senior center. Our last game of the night was Story, Story, Die, which told the story about how the kangacoon (half kangaroo, half raccoon) came to be.

…and scene!