20150717_221253It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for BYOI! Tonight our cast was Daniel, Amy, Alex, Alan, David, and Emily and our Featured Audience Member was Jake. He’s a student who likes robotics, Rooster Teeth, football, and Iceland… and it’s his birthday! Our first game of the night was FAM pack, which showed us scenes about Iceland, robotics, and the Pandor (panda/condor). Next up was What Are You Doing?, where we saw such tasks as failing robotics class, spelunking geothermal fields, and geeking out over meeting Darth Vader. Then we played Centerpiece, which featured scenes about being stubborn, rubber bands, an un-date, and moving. Everything Emporium was next, where our eccentric customers were in search of a pandor feather, a stapler that sings opera, and a flash drive that tastes like licorice.

This was followed by Short Cutz, which featured scenes about bad Spanish, cleaning houses, and the first day of third grade. Then we played Famous Last Words, where we heard from DirectTV, Timbuktu, and Brangelina. Up next was Fortunately/Unfortunately, where we saw a scene about the Patriots that ended up being in Australia in the 1600’s. Our last game of the night was Sing It, which was a scene about the guy who brought the hunting knife.

…and scene!