20150720_191606Tonight BYOI has a special show at the Summer SPARK Camp at Brown University! It was Josh, David, Amy, Alan and I and our FAM Spencer… and Spencer? That’s right, two FAM’s tonight for the price of one! Spencer(s) like both American and Traditional Football, The movie Ted 2 and 22 Jump St and taking a trip bowling. So our FAM game was Highlander where one of the Spencer(s) was the last one left having to do the entire bowling alley scene by themselves!

So we move on to Pillars where the liege needs wants to be paid in gold bricks to rule the town of silence and where you can have twice the meaning to life the universe and everything. Then in Timmy in the Well, Elvis was on fire at the White House which Josh knocked out fairly quickly. We moved on to Trolley Stop with rapping counselors and then Two Headed Monster where the ugly twin needed a date to the prom. We then had Action Figures where the garbage was never going to go out and finished it up with Curtain Call where CVS was a mess!

Thanks for having us back SPARK! …and Scene!