20150722_110157It’s early on a Wednesday morning and BYOI is at the Hopkinton Recreation Department┬ábringing laughs to the campers! It was Josh, Meredith, Emily and Myself this morning and we were joined by our FAM Jess who loves Minions, would love to be a time traveler and is shocked she is losing at Uno to one of the campers. We began with a game of Highlander where the Minions were on Strike until the Bananas were frozen!

Next up was a game of Pillars where the 1800’s were full of silent parties and yellow walls! Timmy in the Well found that Taylor Swift was throwing wood chips in an arcade and Trolley Stop brought us lots of kicking legs and texting. We had a Two Headed Monster where there was just Uno card… until we ripped it up and played Yahtzee. Next in Action Figures a truce in Dodge Ball was quickly ended with a pie to the face and we finished with Curtain Call where I needed a lot less candy!

Thanks for having us!

And scene!