FAM1 072415Thanks for joining us for a possibly electrifying family friendly BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art! We had David, Candice, Josh, Amy, Ian and Alex for the show, with special appearances by our newest castmember, Emily! The family friendly show’s FAM was Shane, who will be starting high school in September. He also works at a summer basketball camp! He also enjoys lacrosse and kayaking–not at the same time, hopefully! Shane is looking forward to band class in school since he plays the euphonium. We found out toward the end of the interview that Shane is Canadian, which made our resident Candian Candice the happiest person ever. He made up the purm, which is apparently a pug-penguin-worm. All of this knowledge made for a fun FAM Welcome Song!

In Growing and Shrinking Machine, Ian tried to teach Braille, Alex needed to save the world from a Canadian speaking button, the velociraptor team was the best at arm wrestling and Amy was finally tall enough to go on a ride–except it closed down. Thanks to our two audience members for jumping in to play! Serious Scene had the cast joined by our FAM Shane and audience member Gabrielle. Marmalade came out of a tree instead of a can and Sarah Palin came to the rescue! Josh was the criminal in Good Cop, Bad Cop, so he had to be interrogated by Candice and audience member Jordan. They thankfully got him to admit to doing a back flip in a Russian prison with Gordon Lightfoot, after Alex did a good impression of our Door Czar!

Say It Again was next, with our FAM Shane and audience member Aliesia performing with Alex and Ian. Prom preparations were weird and not anything like “Avatar” and the game ended with strange dance moves. In Because I Said So, Josh was the inquistive child for parents that consisted of the cast and 3 brave audience members! We learned that Barbie dolls are blonde because and employee spilled the brown hair dye. Also, Alex had been on hiatus for sneezing in Target. Following that game was Follow That Action, with audience members Caden and Jordan. The fish were lazy and an octopus went on an adventure. The final game of the show was Spelling Bee, with the cast and audience members Peter, Jordan and FAM Shane trying to spell and define words like carrot, watermelon and regurgitate.

And scene!