FAM2 073115Welcome back to the second half of our Friday night at the Warwick Museum of Art with Amy, Josh, Daniel, Alan and Emily! Our FAM for this show was Jordan, who is currently studying marketing and works at a restaurant in Disney World. She used to have the terrifying job of helping people park there, but they were way too distracted by Disney. Jordan loves soccer, her dogs and cats, and her comical boyfriend Ishmael! For FAM Remake, the cast made up the great film, “Jordan 2: This Time It’s Personal” but it needed to be remade as a 50’s monster film, before being redone again as an 80’s high school movie, and ultimately a kung fu film!

Growing and Shrinking Machine had the cast and auidence member Cathy doing short scenes in Russia, training for “Monsters Inc” and dancing to attract cows! Lines From a Cup was fun with Daniel, Alan and audience member Tim on the beach with Sully from “Monsters Inc” answered the age old question of Why Pants? In Troubadours, Emily invented edible kilts for a wedding and while on a date with Alan, they witnessed the Lochness Monster eating a polar bear. In Good Cop, Bad Cop, Emily murdered a cowl (a cat owl) with a rubber chicken in a bakery with Big Bird! Thankfully our police officers Josh and a really fun audience member were able to drag a confession out of her.

Quick Scenes had the cast and Cathy doing fun shorts making fun of a certain purple dinosaur before going mini golfing! Follow That Action followed the Golden Ticket and everyone was tall, except for the surfer dude Oompa Loompas. The final game of the night was Spelling Bee, with the cast and some audience members, along with our own castmember David! They tried words like dog, crayon (defined as 64 colors that show your childhood), encyclopedia and philantropic. Gold stars for all!

And scene!