20150821_201054It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for BYOI’s Family Friendly show! Tonight our cast was Amy, Josh, Candice, Ian, David, and Mike and our Featured Audience Member was Lori. She’s a museum educator who likes tennis, bagels, Greece, and lions. Our first game of the night was Do-Run. This was followed by Sit, Stand, Lie Down, where we saw our cast in a water park confusing a duck floaty for a cow. Tableau was next, where we saw pictures of Greece, a chamber orchestra, a film set, Paris, and a bakery. Then we played Marriage Counselor, where one spouse was allergic to squirrels, the other had an abnormal dog collection, and together they were obsessed with burritos.

Up next was Six Pack, which featured scenes about Jedi, aliens, and Harry Potter. This was followed by Famous Last Words, where we heard all about socks, your mother’s refrigerator, Norway, a teddy bear, and Taco Bell. Growing & Shrinking Machine was next, which featured scenes about Jeeps, circus tailors, unsanitary hot dog vendors, doubles tennis, ugly children, and Thor joining the pantheon. Our last game of the night was Busta Rap.

…and scene!