022110famTonight we did a show and helped Jessi celebrate her 13th birthday with her friends!

Guess who the FAM was??? Jessi!:
She likes dogs, named hers Twilight, would choose metamorphosis as a special power, loves the Beatles, playing with explosive chemicals and loves her friends.

Jimmy warmed us up with opening gifts… Adam only got a smaller box.

Alphabet – One of Jessi’s friends knows a name for a dog breed for every letter of the alphabet!

Chainsaw – Whips turned into lighters?

Greatest Hits – We rapped about Care Bears and Crane Machines, and learned we do not know what slow jazz is.

Lines From a Hat! – You passed! Fail, Epic Fail! No, you passed!

Beastie Rap – Jessi beat her best friend, but fell victim to intimidation from her Dad.

Pavlovian Response – Watch out for the kid kicking her shoe at you!

And… Cake!!!