IMAG6386_1Welcome back to the Warwick Museum of Art on the night before Halloween! We we all entertained by Emily, Daniel, Josh and Ian! Our FAM was Wendy, who is one of our regulars! She has been a baseball character a few times in Halloweens past and said the scariest character is Jason. For FAM Horror Movie Critics, Wendy and her husband were stuck in the woods with Jason and being chased around by giant rubber things!

Fortunately/Unfortunately started off the show, as we witnessed the fall of Newport Creamery since Newport loves money. Horror Movie Lines From a Cup had Josh and Emily taking all of the candy and rum and Daniel was creeped out by Josh’s personalities. Chainsaw was next, with a mortician in Antarctica with a meathook, or a hamster cage cleaner at a home for challenged animals or seagull’s nest, which is where the cast and audience members Courtney and Sue took it!

In Horror Movie Catch Phrase, Ian needed lots of saving and Courtney kept trying to leave. Poor Josh was kept on his toes! Next up was Story, Story, Die, where we learned about Jim & Mark’s very strange relationship and fish who have feathered ears. Emily wielded a light saber in Freeze Tag, but she didn’t know what to do with it other than make noises. The final game of the night was Curtain Call, where Josh was excited by Snickers and Ian had very interesting apparel for Christmas caroling.

And scene!