IMAG7304_1The forecast is calling for snow this weekend, so we had a bunch of people wisely try to get out and have fun before the storm! Our family friendly show at the Warwick Museum of Art had a great crowd as Candice, Ian, Daniel, Emily, and Alan took the stage with auditioner Heather. Our FAM was Leslie, who is a fraud investigator! She came to the show with her husband and family. They went to Rome just before Christmas, which sounds pretty awesome! Leslie was such a good sport, she let the cast convince her to play FAM Centerpiece! We met a really clingy cat, Princess Leia was kicked out of her own film franchise and our brave FAM had to pose for 6 days for art!

Ian, Alan and audience member Jonathan went to a very interesting safari in The Quickest Minute! We learned about how some things on Animal Planet are true, and the warthog was made to sing “Hakuna Matata” while taking a selfie! Two audience members gave inspiration as Candice and Ian acted out a battle between Batman and the Tick in Pillars. Thankfully, our foes ended up as friends! Daniel decided to have company in Party Quirks, and it was a very strange group that visited. He ended up hosting Alan, who was Bernie Sanders, Heather the turkey baster, and audience member Kennedy the toothbrush!

Six Pack was next, with two audience members joining us! Denture exchanging happened at the old folks’ home, Jackson Pollack tried to 3D some fine art and the world was going to be saved–or not! Slogans was successful, as the cast and a few audience members came up with sales pitches for lasagna, railroad bridges, Mount Rushmore (Because South Dakota needed something!) and tacos! In Freeze Tag, we met apes, Alan refused to help Emily feel validated and Ian could dream! The show ended with Busta Rap, as the cast and a few audience members had a rap battle! Ultimately, Ian won, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

And scene!