20160415_150204Today BYOI got to perform at Community Preparatory School with Mrs. Rojek’s 5th grade class for their whole school! We had Meredith, Candice, myself and our FAM Aereis! Aereis wants to be a architect, loves handing with friends playing ball and wants to own a Red Panda. So in a game of Pillars we had a large biodegradable wall that no one would help me build.

Next up, we played Alphabet with Koko, Ben and Romona where photocopied cats were great for math. Then in Two Headed Monster we played with Loreana and found out that outside is not a good motivator for cleaning your room. Moving on to Chainsaw with Kiara, Ama and Marshall had a journalist in Hawaii with a triangle became a accountant in a cafe with a jumprope. Next we had Trolley Stop with Lydia, Elhadji and Gloria where the chicken was little. Now in Action Figures where Mrs. Rojek and a colleague helped us get the board game by kicking in the door. Finally in Spelling Bee, Cristian, Ky’Shawn and Derek helped us realize that everyone is brilliant!

Thanks for having us Community Preparatory!

And Scene!