20160415_201220And here we are with our Family Friendly Show with an all female cast tonight of Meredith, Amy, Candice and Emily. Our FAM tonight is Nick. He goes to High School… a lot. He like math class, Call of Duty and hates NYC cause he hates people. So in FAM Typewriter where Nick and his best friend Bowser were stealing lunch money at 35 and losing money to loan shells.

So our first game we are playing is Action Figures where Candice and Meredith where we found the Aurora Borealis Seal! Next in Questions squash waffles are grown with steroids and we saw Emily’s gun show. Now in New Born, Niagrra Falls and Taylor Swift had a baby named John Wilkes Booth. Then in Two Headed Monster, NYC can be a hard place to get a gig, but an easy place to sell a doggie pencil. Next in Slogans where Cheese Cake is better Factory Made is better than Factory Farmed. In Sit, Stand & Lie Down we summoned demons and quenched Chad’s thirst. Finally in Irish Ditty outside made us hurl so we played C.O.D.!

And scene!