IMAG8587_1School vacation week is over!! We were at the Warwick Museum of Art making it all better with Kennedy, Candice, Amy, Daniel, David and Jonathan.¬†Our FAM was Aidan, a sophomore in high school, who likes history. He came to the show with his friends, and he’d love to have his own personal arcade. For FAMily Reunion, Kennedy played Aidan, as he hung out with his family and friends for Christmas dinner. A secret friendship was revealed and the wi-fi was spotty.

The night started off with Tableau, with the cast and some brave audience members creating pictures of the arcade and the beach! Remake followed this, as we witnessed a story of a coffee making family who found pink coffee beans! The sci-fi version where robot Candice showed that you only need to wave your hands and say “nom nom nom” to make ice! Next, the Michael Moore documentary was very dramatic, which gave away the family secret of pink iced coffee. The game ended with a short dinosaur fight! Amy had friends over for Party Quirks, with Daniel as a bathing suit, Kennedy as a rocket and an audience member as a unicorn.

Typewriter had Daniel writing the story of Moop and his best friend, Pizza Man! As Daniel wrote the story on his cell, the best buddies took a horse to Seattle. Along the way they had zebra pizza, met a 12 year old bank teller and were involved in an epic battle between a nail place and screwdriver shop. Spelling Bee was up next, with the words book, alphabet and metamorphosis among the words spelled and defined! Follow That Action followed the thrown shoes after the fight between Wheeler School and Woonsocket! Unfortunately, David wasn’t the cool dad and Jonathan got a heel to the cranium. Story, Story Die ended the show, with the story of a school and an infamous taco lasagna. During a pep rally, the lunch ladies crusaded for healthier lunch, and the cafeteria finally was taken over by breathatarians! Amy was the lone survivor who came up with the brilliant conclusion.

And scene!