IMAG8619_1Aaaand we’re back at the Warwick Museum of Art! We once again had a fun show with Kennedy, Amy, Daniel, Jonathan, Candice and David. Tyler is a senior in high school who works at a movie theater and with drones! He’s going to major in robotics next year, and told us the strangest thing someone left in the theater was a lounging lawn chair. Thanks to help from the cast and audience, he’s going to be bringing his lovely girlfriend Sara to the prom! In FAM Sing It, the lawn furniture wouldn’t fold for the prom where they served Spam on Ritz.

The Quickest Minute started things off, as Daniel, Amy and audience member Allison quickly acted out “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” in a minute or less. Two Headed Monster had Jonathan and audience member Paul as the monster at the beach with Candice. They serenaded her halfway through so convince her that hummus is a great beach snack. Pavlovian Response had David, Daniel and Kennedy at a screening of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” but they needed to make it safe for Republicans.

Lines From a Cup was a blast, as Amy and Jonathan were joined by Alan! They were a family of doctors, all named Adam, who were performing surgery on someone named Adam. Back In My Day was next, with the cast, Allison and Paul telling us about how it was without socks, snow globes, drones, ushers or folding lawn chairs. David and Daniel almost reenacted “Dirty Dancing” in Freeze Tag, and the cast showed us awkward prom dancing. The night ended with Irish Ditty, as the cast sang about