20160425_150058It’s Monday afternoon and BYOI is at the Clough School with Josh, Alan, Kennedy and myself! Our FAM tonight is Reed, a 4th grader who watches Once, plays soccer and loves ice cream! We play Sing It to start things off, where soccer in the Burger King has patriotic results!

Next up, it is Trolley Stop where there were plenty of little feet and big arms. Then in Timmy in the Well, Mary Poppins went Skiing in the North Pole. The Quickest Minute kicked in the door of Grandma’s house in Little Red Riding Hood. Two Headed Monster created a singing career instead of doing the dishes and Action Figures taught us that jumping on trampolines can be very difficult. Finally in Curtain Call, school is hard, but it is easier with Reed by your side.

Thanks for having us! And Scene!