imageIt’s Friday night and BYOI’s Youth Collective with Idallis, Emmie, Carolyn, Cat and Noah are ready to rock the night! Our FAM tonight is Lia who is in the 9th Grade, likes outside art classes, does not like most ┬ákids, loves reading science fiction and would love to drive to Japan. So we begin with Typewritter where we took a train ride with a lots of peanut butter puppies!

In Action Figures we played all sorts of ball based sports and trained to be a ballerina. In New Born, Harry Truman and Tea Kettle had a baby named the Jefferson Memorial. Slogans was up next, as the youth came up with one liners for books, France, art class and students. The show ended with a scene about anime characters in Highlander, where everyone claimed to be Sempai, and Kat ultimately did everything.

And scene!