imageWe had a great last regular show of our ninth season at the Warwick Center For the Arts! This time, Candice, Amy, Jonathan, Emily, Daniel and Barbara were on hand to make everyone have a great time. Our FAM was Florie, who is “definitely” retired, and used to own a pizza place AND an ice cream shop! She came to the show with her husband, brother and sister in law. She likes playing slots and left Ohio for Rhode Island to be with her family. The cast serenaded Florie in Welcome Song.

Trolley Stop started off the games, with Eeyore, caffeinated ice cream fans and monkeys/Monkees. Florie came up with the film “Totally Craziness” for Remake, with the cast making impressions of one another at a BYOI show. The second version was a Christmas film, while the third one was stop motion, and finally a snark film rounded it out. Next up was Chainsaw, with a Lego store employee at the dump with a dreidel potato. It somehow turned into a barista or chemist at the Death Star or boat with a cat or gerbil. Of course!

Next up was Alphabet with a dark gambling habit, followed by World’s Worst. We met the worst relative, musician and substitute teacher. Follow That Action then started off at the amusement park in Ohio and went crazy from there. The night ended with Curtain Call, with the cast singing about tacos, mashed potatoes and hair problems.

And scene!