It’s a snowy Friday night and we are here at the Warwick Center for the Arts with Hetta, Rowan, Gabby and Carolyn for the Youth Collective Show! Our FAM is Kelly, a nursing assistant who listens to cat music with Paul her sweet husband. Our first game is Say It Again where Flamingo Angels go Up.

Next up is Try That On for Size where logs are not chopped that way but they can go into the fire. Rowan then correctly predicted the her customer would get her pet groomed, then travel to the Himalayas and finally getting a bunny to do her chores in Madam Zelda. In Story, Story, Die a beast lived in a castle of talking trees and animals but a reading girl from a villiage having a party were they were pushed into the trees and were also turned into beasts. In Revolver we were out of colors, fabric, money and customers but no one can help you act like a snow angel. Finally in Busta Rap Gabby brought the house down.

And Scene!