We had such an energetic late night show with Meredith, Ally, David, Ian, Daniel and Candice! Our FAM was John, who works for National Grid with renewable energy. He came to the show with his sweet wife, Tracy and his posse. He’s practical and likes low maintenance animals. FAM Sing It had a couple skiing down an anvil mountain.

The show started with Fortunately/Unfortunately, as Daniel and audience member Rose told a story for Candice and audience member Gabriella to mime out. They told the story of a napping worker rebelling against his mean boss, but he had no need for happy pills. To David’s chagrin, Ian and audience member Paul hit the telephone pole in Two Headed Monster. Sadly, they were afraid of electricity. After that, we had to solve a crime in Interrogation Lineup! The horrible crime was clipping toenails at Stop & Shop with Pancho Villa.

After that ordeal with the criminals, we jumped over to Questions! The mouse wasn’t too fluffy and we met three legged snakes who may like bunnies. Famous Last Words then taught us the last words of Kermit the Frog and Cinco De Mayo, among others. Highlander was the last full game of the night, with Ally, Candice, Ian and Daniel slipping at work. Daniel tried cheating his way out of the game, but it wasn’t OSHA or NAFTA approved. The night ended in song with the Irish Ditty!

And scene!