Welcome to BYOI’s Friday Night Family Friendly Show with Josh, Candice, Ian, Erich & Josh. Our FAM, tonight is Amanda who is a social worker, a problem solver hangs with her significant order, grand master flash. In our first game of Sing It, the ballerina needs a safety cable and be lifted by first graders who turn around and wiggle their can.

Next, in the Growing & Shrinking, we saw buckets of rocks and were truly blessed with the natural face for a clown. Then in Two-Headed Monster, we learned how to sneeze backwards. Then in Chainsaw an electrition, football stadium with a spoon became a Pacman pellet placer, in a really small dance club with soft serve ice-cream. Spinning to our next game which is Centerpiece where the Panda may stand any day now and Kevin Bacon has a new pancake cooking show. In Slogans, where “Astronauts, for when you can’t get far enough away from your family” and “Dancers, it’s like standing, but faster.” Then in Trolley Stop, we had golf cheerleaders, Grandmaster Flash and deep thinkers. Finally in Busta Rap where Barbara┬áproved to be a master rapper!

And scene!