Welcome back for our 9pm Late night show! We still have Josh, Candice, Ian, Erich and Barbara with our FAM Ethan. He is a sophomore in high school, where it is very low stress. He wants to study engineering and eat pepper jack cheese. Our first game was Typewriter, where the dog displaces the mom by changing diapers, washing the kid and singing them to sleep.

Next, in Freeze Tag, the life alert was stolen and the shotgun got cleaned. Then in Alphabet, Duck Zoos are for sale and two action stars are very hesitant. Then Madam Zelda predicted that Ian would meet his twin, then he won a space lottery and then got a pet unicorn. Remake brought us a movie the Pacman adventure brought us Anime Ghost Eyeballs and seductive ghosts. We followed that up with Greatest Hits where we “Cried in the West” and “Lost My Way”. All the songs were solid but real and deep tonight. In Quickest Minute we saw Hanzel & Gretel reduced to a bad Craig’s List Ad. Then Erich decided to turn the last game into “Songs from a Cup,” wherein the Duckett we found the polar opposite of an oasis.

And scene!