We had a great show with the kids of the Youth Collective for our first show of the night, with Gabriella, Rose, Aidan and Ethan! Our FAM was Fritzi, also known as Aidan’s biggest fan! She teaches the second grade, and loves watching her students grow up and mature. She told us the story of when she found out her birthday was different than she’d thought when she was little, and why she loves numbers. FAM Sing It had the kids singing about love, math and greatness!

Growing and Shrinking had a person jumping off a cliff in a squirrel suit and dogs learning to dig using the right paw, left paw method. Chainsaw had a puppy lifeguard on Mount Everest with a book with a C-clamp. Slogans was next, with catch phrases for space, cats, birthdays and daughters.

Revolver was energetic with a family of puppies, a fight for pancakes, and a trip to France! The show ended with an epic rap battle in Busta Rap, with Aidan as the rap master.

And scene!