We had a great air conditioned night on this hot day with Ally, Emily, David, Candice, Barbara and Daniel! Our family friendly show’s FAM was Paola! She works in insurance and came to the show with her friend Andy. She’s fascinated by space and likes cats, so we think she’s cool. FAM Typewriter had Paola driving her car into work and refurbishing a spaceship. She got polka dot pajamas for her favorite cat and ended up taking the coffee machine out in a crash landing.

The show started off strong with Helping Hands! Daniel and Candice were helped by Ally and David, as they worked on a repair project to “Eye Of the Tiger” as sung by ducks because the air conditioning was broken. This was followed by Alphabet, where Candice was very dramatic when she found out zebras disappear when she yelled. Along the way, she and Daniel ended up finishing the entire alphabet! Next up, Emily was looking for love in the Dating Game. After having to choose between Patrick Swayze, a whistle and a ski slope, she decided to stay single.

After that game, we needed advice through song in Guidance Counselor! Ally lost her tarantula, Daniel fell in love, and our brave audience member had an upset stomach. Up next was Spelling Bee, with attempts to spell fall, crispy, and some crazy sciency word that one of our regulars suggested. I’m using the word “attempt” very liberally here. Try That On For Size had understanding of paintings, hand waving, “Chopsticks” with chopsticks, and studying for finals. The cast then sang a recap of the show in Curtain Call.

And scene!