Thanks for joining us for our late night show with Daniel, Candice, David, Ally, Barbara and Emily! Our FAM was Bonnie, who is a professional caregiver and frequently late. She came to the show with the patient Gunther. During the show, she thought up a beanbag futon, and I think everyone now wants one. FAM Day In the Life had office skis, a sick employee at work, and a cat/dog to cover all of the allergies.

We started off the show with Good, Bad & Ugly! We learned about how to brush your teeth properly and how to lose weight…or not. Catch Phrase was fun with Emily in the middle of Candice and audience member Jake. The game had lots of declarations of love and wishes for soup. Marriage Counselor followed, with Ally having to help David and Bonnie. David loved covering himself at home, Bonnie could only speak in 2 word sentences, and they had a vampire mother living with them.

Up next was Revolver, with cheese ball massage, a 9 months long food baby and weird things in the mouth. Post It had crazy combinations like caregiver+Central Perk, bottom of a cliff+Rocky Point, gym+tambourine, doorway to China+correctional facility, and mall Santa+drag queen. We took a trip to Russia in Serious Scene with a swimming horse and some interesting situations. The night ended with Say It Again! There was a hunt for the Lochness Monster and we learned about the power of positive talk.

And scene!