We’re back at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Barbara, Erich, Amy, David, Meredith and Ian! Our FAM was Barbara, who is one of our regulars. She came to the show with her parents and her boyfriend. She’s into cosmetology and likes to write music. Her favorite movie is “Blazing Saddles” and she’d like Ethan to bring her to the new “Spiderman” film. The cast then serenaded Barbara in FAM Welcome Song, before starting off the show.

Erich and David were climbing a wall in Action Figures, thanks to help from Meredith and audience member Paul. In the end, Erich announced his engagement to the wall. Remake started off with Erich and Ian shoeshining for everyone’s favorite dictator. Amy and audience member Ethan remade it as a Mel Brooks scene, while David and Daniel redid it as heroes. Everything Emporium was fun, with Amy selling all the things. Meredith found her angry Leaning Tower of Pisa, Barbara needed a fork that made her invisible when she ate with it, and audience member Kate was happy to get an unreliable Canadian.

After that helpful game, it was time for Ian to be helpful in Guidance Counselor. David needed different colored braces, Meredith ran out of tater tots, and audience member Sarah had no time to read the books she wants. Because I Said So taught us that Hawaiians like vowels because they’re cheaper, hooky is short for fart, sociopaths are bad, and babies are the result of yogurt. Trolley Stop had long lost Bostonians, a duel, proper Southern ladies, and girls with eyebrows that were not on fleek. The night ended in song, with the cast singing about Barbara in Irish Ditty!

And scene!