On this wonderful Tuesday night, BYOI is at Brown University again for another STEM camp performance! It is Jonathan, Emily, Amy, David and Myself with our FAM for the night, Jake! Jake wants to be a Space Pirate and is concerned about the new obsession of tall socks with shorts. So to start things off in a game of Pillars, one body sock seemed to ruin everything for these Space Pirates.

Next, in What Are You Doing, we saw VacuumingĀ Dogs and Upside Down Sunglasses. Two Headed Monster brought on cute puppies and their owner’s big ears. Timmy in the Well had Alexander Hamilton digging a hole in Narnia. We then moved to Highlander, where the “Old Guy” had to do the rowing scene all by himself even though he had been eliminated in the first round. Action Figures showed us that is is hard to feed the monkeys and Debate Club taught us that STEM is used to get E-Coli into Chipotle through tall socks.

Thanks for having us Brown University!

And scene!