It’s 7PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts and our Family Friendly show featured Daniel, Emily, Ally, Josh and Ian. Our FAM was Michael, who owns a restaurant and used to juggle on an 8-foot unicycle. If money were no object, he would buy a bigger restaurant and hire some skilled chefs. He knows cast member Ally, and he makes her salads with Lowfat Dressing and taught her to ride a bike.

Our FAM joined in a game of Movie Critics. The film was Birth of a Monster, about his son. The newborn rampaged and ate all the Chicken Parmesan, the ex-wife had no filter, Susan tamed the beast and toddler Ally should have taken the bike. What are you Doing featured expansion, wood sculptures, juggling, brushing a snake and the discipline of errant giants. We followed that with a game of Questions. Lying liars lied. Gossip spread. The jewelry was inadequate and the milkshake was specific. Pavlovian response had Emily mooing when she heard ‘The”, Josh doing a jumping Jack anytime anyone crossed their arms and Daniel scratching his face with a shoe anytime someone sat down. Short Cutz brought a lost Penguin to the Lollipop Guild with Santa, there was a thirty-day weight limit at the bank, and Josh got lost in a store. Again.

Greatest Hits featured the lead singer of The Jumping Mangos, beginning with the song “Trampolines”, the Bassist went to the Barbershop due to coughing from a mango allergy, and the ballad of the seeds filled Ally’s nutritional needs. Highlander had fried burger buns, a lack of gloves, four patties and DING! Order UP!

We ended the show with a great Busta Rap all about our FAM!


And Scene!!!