It’s 9PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts. Our not-so-family friendly show featured Daniel, Ally, Emily, Ian, Josh and our FAM was Paul, who is in the Army and stationed in Rhode Island. He enjoys playing golf and camping with his grandkids. If he had all the money in the world he would spend it on family, friends and charity.

Our first game was Day in the Life. The wife slept in, the grandkids swam in the dirt instead of kite hunting, and Paul was charitable. Try that on for Size brought us armed eggs, Oldsmobiles, outdated pop songs and hula skateboards. Revolver featured breathless stair climbers, cleaning the bathroom, some grilling tips and a bad baby mitten kitten. In Excuses, Excuses Emily had to guess that she was late for work because she was socializing in the car, trying on clothes and waiting for a delivery. Last Line, First Line was a blast! 3-D volcanos didn’t soothe the animal lover while seventeen people failed to enjoy the film, at least the ones from this district. Blank Walks into a Bar had trees branching out, matches striking, and the princess was in another castle. Follow that Action took place at a campground. First Aid badges had to be earned, in Spanish. Snapchat rollers made S’mores, and the horror film didn’t go as planned. We wrapped up with a round of Say it Again!

And Scene!!!