We went into the end of July strong at our family friendly show with Erich, Emily, Daniel, Amy, David and Jonathan! Our FAM was Rebecca! She came to the show with a group of theatrical family and friends. She’s a former math and science middle school teacher, but upgraded to a stay at home mom of 4. She likes everyone, except Mary and her negative energy. She enjoys hanging out with her husband relaxing on the porch. FAM Day In the Life had Rebecca hanging out with her family and the negative Mary.

Action Figures started off the night with a bad dog in bad dog training school and no Windex. Remake started off with a chicken problem in Saunderstown, but Amy wasn’t happy and had them redo it as a sci-fi action film. Finally, we redid the film as a birdy telenovella. In Press Conference, Beyonce invented a personality transplant machine.

Sing It had a great scene in song, with someone who wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and we learned that it’s important to not only go to college, but don’t be jerk. Post It had crazy combinations, like Canada+dental hygienist, construction manager+vet, Universal Studios+bagel factory, North Pole+top of an electric pole. The Quickest Minute redid the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and the cast finally ended the show in a song recap in Curtain Call.

And scene!