Thanks for joining us for the last show of July with Amy, Erich, Jonathan, Daniel, David and Emily! Our late night show’s FAM was Brock, who is s a deputy sheriff. He came to the show with his mom, Sharon, or as Jonathan calls her, Brock’s Mom. He likes the ren faire, collects Disney paraphenalia, and hated “Toy Story 2.” After the interview, the cast was inspired to serenade Brock in FAM Do Run.

The show started off with What Are You Doing, with monkey tickling, stray dog adopting (plus his 7 siblings), and tiny pogo stick jumping. Say It Again took place at the ren faire, where a cod piece needed to be used for carving, and Amy loved dinging Daniel’s lines out. Up next, Emily committed a crime in Good Cop, Bad Cop. She was caught blowing bubbles at Rocky Point with Scrooge McDuck. (Woo-oooo-oo!)

Lines From a Cup had a cranky fast food worker who needed to be more professional. We followed this with Busta Rap, where Amy won with a rap about puns! Fortunately/Unfortunately had audience members Kate and Maddie telling a story of finding religion on an adventure through New Orleans. The night ended with a great game of Sing It! It started off with a strange request for a kiss and a “sword” touching the back of Daniel’s head, before jumping to the Number 4 and taking a moped ride to Duckburg.

And scene!