It’s 6PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts. Our Youth Collective cast was Carolyn, Matthew, Ethan and Rob; our FAM was Caley, who is celebrating her birthday at our 9th Birthday show! She has a pet fish and likes Dr. Who.

We played FAM Quickest Minute first, with a rendition of The Little Mermaid. Lobsters were inconvenienced, and poses were varied, and Ariel sang with a fork. During Press Conference, Carolyn had to guess that she was Angelina Jolie and that she invented the rocket powered pogo stick. Post-it was awash with spaghetti Broadway stars, sunscreen cups, lifeguard caps, orange pans, and kiddie pools at the mall.

Sing It was a musical masterpiece with a giant vat of tar that was heavy, the repairman that ate a cow, a broken vat on the floor and a broken floor in the vat. We continued the vocal escapades with a round of Busta Rap. Carolyn won and finished off the show with a rap about our FAM Caley!

And Scene!!!