It’s 7 PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and we are celebrating our 9th birthday at our Youth Collective show. On cast were Candice, Daniel, Josh, Emily, Jonathan and Ally! Our FAM was Jessi, who works at Dunkin Donuts and is going into 11th grade. She likes to sing and enjoys obscure musicals like Be More Chill. If she could write a musical it would be about teenagers in the 1800’s. If she could travel anywhere it would be The Village of Hogsmeade.

We kicked off the show by playing FAM Greatest Hits. We were introduced to such classic hits as “The Um Blues”, “Happy Meal”,  “Shut up I’m Trying to Sleep” and “What the Heck am I Doing With My Life?” Following that was Freeze Tag. Horror space Alamo brought us tissue cascade knots and Rat snacks. Jimmy won’t throw the ball, hopscotch is for hands, Stuckman was a stuck man, and the dentist made a house call. In our game of Alphabet, the robots were coming, spider baseball, and Iguanas invaded.

Chainsaw was next! Professional Barber Statue in the Boston Omni Movie Theater with a Turtle became a young Irish Jack upon the Titanic in Hawaii with saggy pants. Sing It brought us free coffee, eBay sales with Grandma, and the other chainsaw. In Because I Said So, we answered such questions as  “Why are eyes in my face?” “Why is sewing so cool?” and “What makes the world go around?” Action Figures had twister fires, once we found Jill and the hot coals were ready. Extinguishers were hard to find! We wrapped up the show with a song for our FAM Jessi!

And Scene!!