It’s 9pm on our 9th Birthday at the Warwick Center for the Arts and it’s time for our not-so-family-friendly show! On cast were Daniel, Ally, Emily, Jonathan, Josh and Candice.

Our FAM was Kate, who is a property detective who survived her workday. She loves Little Rhody Raspberry soft serve ice cream. She really likes the TV show, Sherlock. We kicked off the show with a Welcome song for Kate! Try That on for Size was next, during which Candice dried her glove, we took a bathroom break, played Hungry Hungry Hippos, and smelled what the Rock was cooking. Our Pillars brought us a scene full of ripped paper and chairs. We beamed up to the Titanic and the picnic, drew planks of wood and the wife got framed. Chainsaw began with a lumberjack in a restaurant in outer space with a record player, and it ended with an archaeologist at the bar from Star Wars with that record player!

Short Cutz supplied Fairy Godmothers with rotten pumpkins, spirit fingers, and a Benedict Cucumber Patch. Debate Club had our cast and volunteers arguing the finer points of  Benedict Cumberbatch, the difference between Jim Carrey and Jim Morrison, the smell of arid, and the Irish potato famine. Candice conquered the competition in a Highlander, which featured the struggles of protein acquisitions in a vegetarian restaurant, noodle counting adventures, and sick burns.

We wrapped the show up with a song for our FAM Kate!

And Scene!!!!