Our 7pm Family Friendly Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts was a blast! On cast were Erich, Ally, Emily, Ian, David and auditioner Audrey. Our FAM was Tom B., who works for a photography company and enjoys playing Xbox Games like Destiny. He enjoys Marvel films, especially The Avengers and Spider Man.

We kicked off the evening with a FAM Sing It! Ian learned to pirouette with his massive calves, and he was a natural according to Ally. Sit, Stand and Lie Down featured shorter superheroes, sketching costumes and sewing capes while our young hero tested his strength. After that, we played a round of Revolver. The angels winged it during a halo shortage, the airplane needed key maintenance, flamingo conventions commenced and The Jolly Green Giant forgot his lines. During Timmy in the Well, Ian had to guess that Ronald McDonald fell into quicksand in England.

Two Headed Monster brought us secrets from the man under water, open windows and meow hammers. In Quick Scenes, cinnamon ratios were corrected, the Spice Girls’ Reunion was a hit, and Mr. Potato had a close encounter.  Follow that Action turtles were sloth hares and puppy kisses saved the day, the doctor couldn’t turn the turtle over without a little roll.

We ended the show with Debate Club, Ally forgot the words of The Little Drummer Boy, Armadillo rescues didn’t take drummers into account, including Xbox Rock Band drummers. The recital was poorly attended and Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

And Scene!!!