Our 9pm Not-So-Family Friendly Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts featured Ally, Ian, Erich, David, Emily and auditioner Audrey. Our FAM was Erin, who is a nanny for 6 children. She enjoys DC Comics and quilting. She is a fan of Harley Quinn but didn’t care for the new movie version. Her boyfriend Tom is a “geekly” goober. We started off the evening with a FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine. The quilt was soft, Grampy fell and couldn’t get up, the well was dry, and Erich needed assistance but it was short by a sheet. Action Figures got dressed while doing the Macarena and they were so excited! Peanut allergy attacks were frightening and Ally told David it was all for the birds.

Short Cutz was an adventure in fishing. The sea creatures could smell the toes, the market had the basket and the basket was in the market. Rehearsal was in the hole, and it was a tricky operation. During Madam Zelda, Emily had to guess that Erich Is going to have a seal baby, get fired for singing Ice Ice Baby, and his hands will become baked potatoes. Our Movie Critics reviewed the Sci-Fi classic, Trogs. The thunder army in the town of Eden took the flies that were meant for lunch. Famous Last Words brought us Taco Tuesday and Good, Bad and Ugly brought us speed quilting, elder care tips and advice on choosing a restaurant for a date. We capped the show off with a Busta Rap all about our FAM Erin!

And Scene!!!