We had a really fun show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Candice, Amy, Daniel, Jonathan, Emily and Ally. Our FAM was Taeya! She’s a middle school student, and likes science. She’s a fan of reading and her comic relief friends. Taeya came to the show with her mom and little brother! FAM Typewriter showed us a great adventure! Seahorses were trying to escape the science lab, while a goldfish witnessed a budding romance.

Tableau started off the show, with the NASA Control Room (Candice was Houston, who was sick of problems, and Daniel let us know that Major Tom was only a Captain), Block Island, and Walmart. Audience members Karen and Noah were great additions! Say It Again started off with a new stage show by a strange family. Up next was Chainsaw, with  a fairy dust collector at the Bronx Zoo with socks.

Alphabet was fun, with squirrels (my favorite!), a llama getting an x-ray, a “bagel-aria” and the cast trying to not disturb Candice. Five o’clock!! This was followed by Rope! An iguana was getting pet on the head, Amy learned ASL, and Ally ate too many bananas. Emily and audience member Ethan told the story of the fight between newspapers and the internet, with Amy and audience member Carolyn miming it out. Finally, the cast ended up serenading everyone at the end of the show with Do Run!

And scene!