We took a trip to Roger Williams Zoo for an honor roll reward party! Emily, Barbara, and Candice got to meet our awesome FAM, Robin! Robin wants to see the pyramids in Egypt, she’s been to Switzerland, she loves taking selfies in her free time, and if she could mix two animals she would take a zebra and kangaroo to make the zebraroo. We started off the show with FAM Pillars, where we saw Barbara and Emily taking selfies in a trampoline park.

Next up was Trolley Stop and there were squabbling chickens, perms that didn’t set, and grocery shoppers racing each other. In Two Headed Monster, we mined for chocolate in Egypt and found out that Egypt is known for its slimy chocolate. After that was Good Cop, Bad Cop and we learned that Barbara was washing dishes in a bathroom on the moon with Barney. In Freeze Tag there was bubblegum that made teeth invisible and changed flavor, heavy apples were picked, and the little teapot kept missing the teacup. Candice and Emily were our Action Figures, and they couldn’t catch the zebraroo to give it a bath, so they spun their arms in circles to get its attention. Lastly we played Spelling Bee, and we discovered that both “Mississippi” and “Phoenix” have a zero in them.

Thank you to Roger Williams Zoo for letting us use the space and thank you to Bay Village Apartments for letting us hang out with you!

And scene!