Our 7pm Family Friendly Improv show at the Warwick Center for the Arts featured cast members Daniel, Meredith, Amy, Erich and Josh. Our FAM was Rob, who writes about laws and islands. His favorite island is Block Island and he has spoken to Rosa Parks on the phone.

Revolver featured Girl Scout cookie sales, this land is my land, Godzilla attacks, and epically agreeable muscularity. Try That On For Size featured baseball shenanigans, Titanic ballet fails, missed kite opportunities and tin foil fails. Guidance Counselor featured Meredith singing solutions to stolen magnets and broken hearts, gum stuck in hair that is now all gone, and getting caught touching the art but using stickers on the wall instead. Everything Emporium has us looking for burned moose heads, unicorn magazines and stilettos made of paper and rock.

Sing It! Had our cast washing D’s and C’s in the middle of the day while we thought to ourselves about scissor hands. We were on our own with the elemeno-p. Spelling Bee tested our spelling abilities, told time by the hour, islands were lands that were small and big in water, and we liked to write written sentences. Jurisprudence is a big island. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly let our volunteers offer advice on mending boo boos, waiting in line, and doing the dishes. We ended the show with Highlander! A visit to Candy Mountain resplendent with knees and Oreos!

And Scene!!