We had an awesome family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Daniel, Emily, Amy, Jonathan, Ian, and in her first show as an official cast member, Audrey! Our FAM was Sean, who was celebrating his birthday with us, all the way from Pennsylvania! He’s in the 6th grade, where he loves math. He likes playing ice hockey and playing with his English bulldog named Dublin.¬†FAM Remake took place in the middle school cafeteria with diverted crusts, genetically modified jam, and math.

What Are You Doing started off the show, as we coaxed a baby hermit crab out of its shell, shaved for the first time, reeled in a giant squid and developed a sugar allergy. Last Line, First Line had Jonathan as the sock-er, but he was super picky about socks. The geometry convention had all the shapes, and two heads were better than one. Ian was late for work in Excuses, Excuses. First, he couldn’t wake up without True Love’s kiss, then the bus driver was locked in the house with a zebra, and finally, a comet hit his house.

Two Headed Monster had Audrey and our FAM Sean making a bulldog statue with Ian, before we jumped over to Story, Story, Die! The cast was joined by a few audience volunteers, where they told the story of the rainbow unicorn who played hockey. Thankfully, they beat the secret Russian pegasus team! Growing and Shrinking Machine had a dog standing up on one leg for treats, Spin the Bottle For the New Coach, and a sad proposal from a literal gold digger. The show ended with Irish Ditty!

And scene!