The final show of the night was another blast with Amy, Ian, Daniel, Audrey, Emily and Jonathan. Our FAM was Dani! She loves Harry Potter and Doctor Who, and would make a strange casting choice for the next Doctor. FAM Greatest Hits sang songs about the Queen, grilled chicken and stuff.

The show started off with Good, Bad & Ugly, where 3 brave gentlemen gave varied advice about dealing with neighbors who leave their trash around and how to make your French friends happy. Alphabet had a miniscule teacup chihuahua, missing certification,  and paddle smacking with sticks. Pavlovian Response at the nursing home was next, with lots of bacon donuts, touching of bums, and excited exclamations. Amy had a blast!

Revolver had Ian and Audrey joined on stage by 2 audience volunteers, with a hidden stash of four leaf clovers, someone stuck in a pipe for 3 weeks, and a crazy night at the local Chelo’s. Rope had greasy cake, fun with the selfie stick, and penguins who kick! The Quickest Minute had a surprisingly innocent witch in the story of Hansel & Gretel, and the show ended with greatest hits of the show with Highlander. It was magically vicious! In the end, Audrey had to perfom all 4 scenes. Yay new girl!

And scene!