It’s 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Family Friendly Show! On Cast were Amy, Barbara, Daniel, David, Ian and Emily. Our FAM was Mike, who sells batteries and likes to play football in the backyard with his kids. His family got a kitten last week, who gets along well with their older cat. Sing it brought us Hip Hop Business, bells aplenty and a snippet from the musical “Les Moverales”. Our second game was Action Figures. David and Amy tried to navigate too many cats, while keeping things tidy with help from our audience volunteers. Lines from a Cup was next. Balloons were inflated, the Rock donkey was cooking the banana and macho nachos, happy happy Thursday! Good Cop, Bad Cop had Ian have to guess that he stole a magical dragon egg from a zoo in the enchanted forest with Porky Pig.

Typewriter featured ‘Mark’s Vacation in Los Angeles’. The Rams went to a football game, gained superpowers, and used those powers to save Walt Disney. Animatronics came to life, and wanted lemonade instead of giants. World’s Worst introduced the worst Tow Truck drivers, salty sentient gummy candy, Low Tide laundry detergent and electrified electricians. Highlander brought our cast and youth collective member Rowan on a malfunctioning jet to Mars. Moving the needle from East to “Fweast” didn’t stop us from having to get out and push. We wrappedthee show up with Say it Again. Football haircuts and apples helped Fredrick know the old witch from the enchanted forest liked the Rams and sold batteries to the man in charge.

And Scene!!!