Our 9pm Late Night Comedy Show featured Daniel, David, Amy, Emily, Ian and Barbara along with our FAM Paul, who is celebrating his birthday. We opened the show with a song for Paul, about moose tracks ice cream, Yankee swaps, and ligers. Growing and Shrinking Machine brought us scenes about missing Zambonis, chicken puree, fingerprints and accordion lessons. During Catch Phrase, our FAM and his daughter went to work at a bowling alley with Amy. Press Conference made Emily have to guess that she was the original Madonna and she invented the shorter burning light bulb. Say it Again brought us bullwinkle manufacturing frozen confections in which Barbara took a dip, there were too many allergens, and Gryffindor won the house cup. Slogans brought forth advertisements for the Spanish Inquisition, sci-fi religions, and ancient Greek preventative measures. Serious Scene followed that, and we wrapped the night up with an Irish Ditty for our FAM Paul!

And Scene!!!