We had a super fun time at Providence Improv Fest’s family friendly block. Thanks so much to Elderberry Jam for being amazing and getting the audience in a great mood beforehand. Our special show at 95 Empire had Daniel, David, Ian, Barbara, Erich, Jonathan and Audrey making everyone laugh. The FAM for the show was Cailin, who is in the 6th grade. She gave a great FAM interview, where she impressed the cast with her love of math and oreo ice cream, and where she also invented a dog/unicorn hybrid. In FAM Greatest Hits, Daniel sang the “Tiny Unicorn” which went up the charts to tin foil, according to Jonathan. After that, Ian sang a poppy tune about math and ice cream.

Try That On For Size started off the participation part, with stair licking, running through the woods, and trying to miss school by making a mark on your forehead. Chainsaw followed that, with the cast and 2 brave audience members trying to make it down the line with a door to door ice cream salesman at a carousel with a pencil. The game went off track a few times, and ended up incorrectly with a dog sitter or a bratty little brother in an apple orchard, rodeo or mansion with a cheeseburger or jar of peanut butter. It was fun to watch!

Up next, we had the craziest Action Figures I’ve ever seen in my years of blogging the shows. Daniel and Erich were moved around by 2 audience members as they played a game of hopscotch. It went exactly how you would picture Action Figures hopscotch, with twisting, odd movements, and Erich on the ground. The last game of the show was Curtain Call, with Barbara and Jonathan on guitar. The cast did a recap of the show in song, and we learned that playing hopscotch may have been better with butterscotch.

Thanks again to our great openers, Elderberry Jam, and thanks to Providence Improv Fest for having us! We can’t wait until next year!

And scene!