We had a great late night show with Ally, Jonathan, David, Emily and Barbara at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Ben! He’s a math teacher, and he likes helping the anxious students learn to like math. He loves his girlfriend Tori and playing D&D on Sundays. FAM Day In the Life had Ben’s eggs given to the bad student and food was used to solve math.

Highlander had a partially musical Robin Hood, and Emily ended up perorming and singing alone in the end! Centerpiece had Jonathan in the middle, with rogue Mario Kart and all the sausage dishes. Timmy In the Well had Cher in trouble at the Hollywood sign, where she lost her wigs! Oh no!

Short Cutz started off with a teacher with a cholesterol problem, the hospital had a rash of deaths due to chicken breath, and there was a toll on the Yellow Brick Road. Spelling Bee had the cast and a few audience members spelling and defining words like kid, crepe and purple. Sit, Stand and Lie down and Ally, Emily and audience member Hosea really wanting bagels, but they drank too much chicken broth the night before. Brunch sisters ended up betrayed in the end! Say It Again ended the night, with Emily singing, chicken in the dorm, and grill marks.

And scene!