The Youth Collective had a spectacular show here at the Warwick Center for the Arts! On cast, we had Stephen, Rob, Carolyn, Jeffrey, and Matthew. Our FAM was Sarah, who teaches high school Spanish. She doesn’t have much free time, but when she has some she uses it to watch TV. We kicked the show off with a round of Quickest Minute. Robin Hood robbed from the rich but there were taxes, and he shot a bow with his bow, instead of an arrow. Hearts and tournaments were won, but the evil stepsister didn’t survive. Interrogation Line Up had our Youth Collective have to guess that they were guilty of cheating at hopscotch on a farm with Scarlett Johannson.

Back in My Day we didn’t have scientists. We just guessed, asked mom, and worried. We didn’t have Netflix, so we had to watch the commercials, buy VHS, rent at Blockbuster and go out to the movies. We didn’t have toothbrushes, so we didn’t keep our teeth.

Pillars was a game of cat and mouse. The kitchen was guarded and we had to dog because cheese. Sing It taught us homework was better in Spanish, Taco Bell gracias and my mouth ate my homework.


And Scene!!!