It’s 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts and our Family Friendly Show featured David, Daniel, Ally, Audrey, Emily and Amy. Our FAM was Steven, who loves to act. His dream role would be Hamilton. He likes to exercise and has a dog named Apollo. FAMily Reunion was all about Christmas at Steven’s House. Hopeful gifts weren’t enough, pine needle cleaning commences, and tickets for sale!

Serious Scene brought us to a buffet. Mac and Cheese was served to the animals who couldn’t get enough. Someone took the chicken wings, tasting is better with spoons, and hot sauce pours better from up above. We cleaned that up and moved on to Questions, during which we set up a mini-golf triathlon, read all the rules in all the languages, and the zebra got some work done on its stripes. The camel didn’t pay, the janitors couldn’t buy magazines from the bicycling lion, and sandwiches were missing cheese. Madam Zelda made Ally have to guess that David’s dog caught on fire, he fell down a manhole, and he got a ticket to Hamilton. Catch Phrase had moose wings and cheese, a face full of ice and some trouble finding the facilities. Because I Said So answered such questions as “what’s onomatopoeia?” And “why was apple pie invented?” And “if glue is non-toxic, why can’t you eat it?”

Fortunately/Unfortunately taught us about jobs, self-employment, and ways to make money. We wrapped the show up with Busta Rap!

And Scene!!!